lostdogpromo2.1Seek lost pet is a new app for searching, finding and returning lost animals to their owners. Its simple really there are essentially 3 main components to this: seek, search and reward.

Our seeking section is for the everyday commuter, pedestrian, shelter, rescue, vet etc everyone really. The premise of this function is to get as many people on board as possible. The seekers role if you see or think you see a lost or stray animal, stop, take a photo, then upload it to seek lost pet with the location in which you saw the animal.

If you succeed in finding or seeing someones pet you will receive $10 from the owner. At this point the owner can now contact you (seeker), they will have the location of the lost pet and photo but if you would like to help the owner further you can in whatever way you wish, you can even take the animal home with you and mention this in your description, it fully depends on the seekers situation at the time, if they are in a rush or unable at the time, the ball is in your court from this point on. Simple as that!!

We work alongside a lot of animal rescues, shelters and vets to ensure peoples pets get home, so if the organization has no way of finding who owns the animal they upload a photo to our database. This saves the organization time so they can go out and find more sick and lost animals!

If your pet is being cared for in a rescue, shelter or vet, then finding, returning and reuniting with your furry friend is made a lot easier!

We have a wide demographic of users, making this app super efficient in finding your lost pet. A lot of people just don’t have time to go actively searching for lost animals, but with this app it takes seconds from your day taking a photo and you can receive $10 for doing so. Increasing the incentive to stop for a second and help an owner find their pet!

As an owner of a lost animal our searching function is easy. No need to leave your house and put up flyer’s, nor go searching the streets for days. With seek lost pet we have a massive community of users doing exactly that for you. If you have lost your pet you can pay $2.95 to see all the lost animals in your area, that includes photos from people on the street geolocated, vets, rescues, shelters, everywhere!!

Then if you see your pet you reward $10 to the person that saw or found your lost pet, its a small price to pay for getting your pet back. You would pay more driving around and putting up posters. With this you will receive the exact location your pet was spotted and contact details of the seeker.

Another reason for the $10 reward is to give incentive to those seekers that would not normally look for lost animals. We see lost and stray animals every day but a lot of people don’t think anything of this, with the possibility of making money this changes their perception and makes them actively go look or notice the stray that could be yours. Meaning a larger database of lost animals and a higher return rate.

Lastly our reward system where you can up the stakes. This is for those people that will do anything to get their pets home and for the seeker that needs money. As a owner of a pet you can set a reward price for safe return of your animal. If you find a pet the owner will pay X amount of money. If someone finds your pet they can contact you saying they found him or her, then you can both arrange how the pet will be returned home. This is a quick and effective way to reunite with your beloved pet. Again its just like putting up a poster but on a much larger scale.

Download seek lost pet and see for yourself. We are here 24/7 if you have any inquiries or questions. We just want your pets to be safe!