How can an Animal Control benefit from Seek Lost Pet?

Our app Seek Lost Pet fits perfectly with the main task of the Animal Control services: get animals back home.

What the AC service has to do?

Just take a photo with an smartphone in the time and place when a los pet is seen in the street. As the app works with geo-location, it’s important to make the photo in the exact place where the animal is lost because that photo will be available only for other users 15 miles around.

And that’s all. The app will upload the picture, include it in a database and it will send alerts automatically to those desperate owners looking for their dogs and cats in the area in the next fifteen days.

And what these benefits are?

Animal Control services will have two inmediate benefits.

At first sight, it’s easy to deduct the first benefit: help people to find his lost pet.

The second one will be better understood by managers: if the use of this app means you can give back home just one more dog a day,  your service will have significant saves in maintenance, food and vet care.

Even more, you should not forget that money paid by users goes to the user (or ACC service) who uploaded the photo, not for us.

What is the fee for the service?

It’s free.

You only need to add ten seconds for every animal found in the street, to keep the smartphone out of the pocket, open the app and take a photo.

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