Privacy policy

This page describes the privacy practices at Seek Lost Pet, including our app for mobile devices and our website.

Account Information

We do not collect personal info in your profile but

  • your telephone number (as unique id in the app)
  • a nickname choosen by you (actual or imaginary)
  • your country, just in order to select your language and the type of telephone number in your device

Pictures uploaded to the service can only reproduce lost pets but no people faces, text or signals which allow the identification of an individual or group.

Information Collection, Use & Sharing Prohibition

When you upload photos of lost pets, you accept it will be shown to any other Seek Lost Pet users along with its geolocation info.

When you upload a photo with geographical data from a mobile device, the photo’s location can be shown on a map.

The pictures in the Seek Lost Pet app can be seen for the solely purpose of find los pets and can’t be shared, reproduced or ditributed in any way out of the app itself.

Update or Delete Information

You can delete individual photos that you have on Seek Lost Pet by selecting the photos that you wish to delete, then clicking the delete button.

When you delete your personal profile, your pictures will be available for fifhteen days after the shoot unless you delete them all.


You can stop app notifications anytime in your device in your personal profile.

Seek Lost Pet could contact you with the internal messaging system of the app.

We will contact you via mail only if you previously gave us your email address and, once replied, we will not store it in any database.