Seek Lost Pet 2.0 is here now!

Since past august, when we launched Seek Lost Pet, we are receiving many messages from users, with dozens of suggestions and ideas to make a better app.

We have read all of them carefully and, after a deep debate, we discovered most of them are simply true (anyway, the customer is always right, isn’t?), so we have been working hard to rebuild the app.

There is a lot of minor updates but there is two features that make us feel specially proud about:

  • users can upload FOR FREE photos of their lost pets; it is the 2.0 version of the flyers in the lampposts with pictures of the pet and the telephone number of the owner
  • the feature to search pictures of your lost pet and receive alerts for fifteen days about new uploaded pictures of stray pets made by other users, is FREE now

If you love animals and suffer every time you see a lost pet, please install the app in your smart phone and ask your family and friends to install it too: the more we are, the more success we can achieve taking dogs and cats back home.


2 thoughts on “Seek Lost Pet 2.0 is here now!

    1. Click on the black buttons under the top image of this page and go to the app stores to install the app.

      If you browse the website with your phone, you will find directly the install page for your device.

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